Time Traveler

GoldenFieldsCareening through long Summer days pouring sky-sun through me
My bike an extension of my awareness swelling
With the light-heat shimmering movement all around…

I remember midsummer spells when I wailed with boredom
My childish mind looking for adult things to do, to be
And those days intensely focussed in the moment
Wading the farmer’s pond hidden among cascading willows
Icy water cooling my feet, my body, my hot being dreaming of futures
Of Longings moving through my heart…to be…to know…to live
Then, lepaing on my bike, hurrying homeward thirsty, tired
When is supper? I have chores?

And the Fall, its creeping endness
School clocked classrooms binding all to its plodding rhythm
And losing my breath with the leaves falling, left wondering about Seasons
In some unfathomable preconscious state of young being
Rushing life, moving deeply into it, ensconced, following a gathering path…
Then the deep Winters, short days filled with white and dark
The sparkling snow pulling me inwards
Into the silence of starry nights and brilliantly snow-jeweled days
Comforting in the deep hearth, home-warmth, the stillness there
And finally, when will Spring arrive, the chirping birds and drifting fragrances?

Now, I sit with grasses growing, the sun arcing across sky bringing moonlit nights
Penumbra of my days…the rich glow, the consciousness embedded in all things
The thin veil parting, beckoning the next adventure.

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