There is a New World Arising

In the place between the worlds, shamans spin the songs of creation
Once more calling forth the numinous from the deep within
While in the high sky filled with heavenly bodies attending
Colours swirl ’round feet pounding
The rattles and bells sounding while sacred geometric forms materialize
Binding the world’s new template with time and space again.

And so it has always been that as one world is ending
Those summons emerge from within the Hearts of All
Who can hear the rising of the dance to take their place
In this unified field of creation intertwining earth and firmament
With threading lines of radiance to birth a new paradigm one more time.

Deep in the Himalayas, the monks rumbling chant eternally resounding
Evoking transformational awareness into the planes where all sentient beings abide
Beyond the range of hearing yet nudging a profound awakening
The murmuring mantra washes multi-dimensionally throughout the lands
So all who call this place home might rise from the ashes of the passing world.

Within the heart and intention of the many beings
The chanting dance weaves the dawn, the newly created tapestry into existence
Moving that which seemed immovable, shifting that which seemed intractable
Always available, the never-ending offerings provided by these compassionate souls
Allowing loving connection and goodness, once lost in the realm of confusion
To be born in us again.

There is a new world arising…


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