Intuitive Wisdom and Intentional Action

Shaman HandsLast November, as I passed by my TV while walking through my living room…

I heard a ‘TV’ voice from the Marilyn Denis show referencing a ‘100-Day Challenge’.   I paused as a tiny inner nudging seemed to say, ‘Pay attention to this!’; and so I listened, the result being that I entered the Show’s 100 Day Challenge through their online page.  Oh yes, I did.  With no prior intention or fanfare about accomplishing a goal, I simply followed a spontaneous inner prompting and stepped across the threshold.


For those of you who may not know about Marilyn Denis, she hosts a nationally syndicated Canadian TV show…

And I decided that my challenge, as a result of this show, was to create a small watercolour artwork (6” x 8” in size) and/or work through some watercolour techniques, every day for 100 days.  And so, I began.  Now, the holidays did intervene a little bit and I lost a few ‘painting’ days in favour of indulging in those wonderful, seasonal celebrations with family and friends; however, I am happy to say that I am back to the drawing board; or, in this case, back to the watercolour/acrylic board.  Um…yes, it’s morphed into adding small acrylic works to the adventure since painting is about flow and following the inner muse.

After some time and to my surprise, a producer from the Marilyn Denis show contacted me…FirTrees

Asking if I would provide a short webcam video outlining how the 100-Day Challenge was affecting me.  Amazing!  I immediately agreed to her request even through the clamouring of those inner and worried voices in my head (noisy thoughts) explaining in great detail how I needed to figure out how to really use my webcam for filming this, how I might not be able to do this, how to adjust for sound and light, how to set up a background, how to give my appearance a little boost and then how to work through a couple trial filming runs so that, ultimately, the prospect around sounding reasonably coherent might emerge.   Whew! It felt like a lot to embrace and the timeframe for completing this project was approximately one and a half days which for me, considering  my lack of abilities in this techie realm, was a very short time indeed to pull this together.  But pull it together, I did. It rather flowed. In fact, I felt directed from some inner mentor or source that calmly led me through each stage of production so that I felt clear-headed and filled with an attitude that if expressed might have said…No worries, let’s simply see what happens…One-Step-at-a-time.

EagleThere was no certainty that my little film piece would actually appear on the show…

As I sat down on the appointed day to watch the designated episode.  As the minutes passed by, it seemed as though the segment wouldn’t air, but then, during the last few minutes of the show; the 100-Day Challenge Updates appeared.  Along with several other videos from women also participating in the 100-Day Challenge, was my little production! Whoa!  I have to say that I laughed with delight for out of seemingly nothing, emerged possibility.  Then, by listening and following the suggestions rising from the quiet of intuition rather than from abiding with the logical mind only, this small creation grew. (For anyone who might be interested in watching the little video, please click:  100-Day Challenge.  You’ll see the ‘100-Day Challenge’ segment in the video line-up. It opens with the Host, Marilyn Denis and moves into 2 excerpted segments taken from each person’s video. )

So why is this outcome important?

To me, this story embraces potential as well as the energy and synergy that appear when those gentle ‘suggestions’  arising from the realm of intuition emerge from within.  Intuition reveals pathways that direct us towards what is possible to create or encounter in our lives in this world.  Intuition always produces life-affirming possibility (if it isn’t life-affirming, then it is not intuition).  It transmits, as an undercurrent, a kind of quiet intention that is perfectly in alignment with our own inner longings about how we were meant to show up during our time on this earth.

My logical mind could never have taken this project on Mandala Hands Small aalone…

Because it functions as a linear model rather than a creative one. It has far too many rules to follow if left as the sole director of my life.  Even so, I definitely require my rational mind as a helpmate to partner with my more creative intuitive nature.  So do you.  Moving with that inner inspired vision that we all carry within, even without really knowing where that journey might lead us for certain, arouses a growing sense of faith in the process as well as an increasing comprehension, that this is indeed, a benevolent universe.  On this intuitive path, who knows what beauty or what human connection might show up?  One small endeavour can lead to more possible paths, to endings that become beginnings in a way that we might never have imagined.  Finding myself on national TV was admittedly a bit of a thrill, but best of all; I walked through a project that brought me to understand that I now knew how to make YouTube videos too if I so desired…and, as it turns out, I do!

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