The Tarot

The Tarot

It is a starting point.

A navigation device, if you will, stirring up our inner thoughts and feelings

so that we might see something new.


I offer three kinds of readings –

A Three-Card spread, a Five-Card spread

and a full Celtic Cross layout.

Once I layout the Tarot Spread, I  review it, interpret it and then work with you online to describe what it is that is showing up.


You would also receive a photo of the card layout, a description of the card placement, as well as a full text document that provides the reading for each individual card so that you might understand the content.  Our ‘call’ would revolve around working through each of the cards and how these interact with each other…and ultimately with you in your life.


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Sometimes it’s thought that Tarot is a difficult or intense teacher.

 It is rather, in my experience, a speaker of possibilities even as it offers  cautionary tales.

Taken to heart, even those tales of caution steer us on a path easier to navigate.  A reading may surprise us.  It may bring consternation. It may ignite hope and reflect the best in us. If viewed from a non-judgmental perspective, interesting archetypes emerge echoing what already resides within us.  We may not consciously know this until the Tarot demonstrates this in a reading.



What is an Archetype? 

These show up in all cards.




What is an Archetype & How to Unpack It!

Well that is the question, isn’t it.

Tarot addresses our patterns and many of our behaviours. 

These are created as a response to our family of origin, our schools, our religion (when that’s an influence), our culture.  Some of these influences definitely appear in the Tarot cards drawn and laid out in a Reading.

In other words, the world often informs us about who we are.  It reflects a version of ourselves back to us for good or for  worse.  We respond to those interactions thinking that this is who we are.  Separating ourselves from beliefs or patterns that are no longer useful to us as well as becoming clear about our strengths or talents is what Tarot offers. 

She offers it in the form of Archetypes.  Each card represents an Archetype and each one contains layers of meaning entwined in those images.

Examples of an Archetype

What response do you have to an image of a Queen, a Hermit, a Magician?  Or, a Football Player, a Singer, a CEO?  Perhaps a Student, a Pauper, a Street Cleaner?  A Mother, a Father, a Daughter, a Son? Or something seemingly inanimate such as the Sun, the Moon, a Star, the Earth?

Each of these, while being exactly what they appear to be, may carry multi-layered meaning when examined in a particular context.  That is the Magic of Tarot. 

As an example, an image of a Queen will have the typical association with ruler, wealth, or power, but there is more.  We might also see her as matriarch, woman, feminine, goddess, self-realized.  Depending upon her placement in a Reading with other cards, she will show up surrounded by the influences from other cards.

Understanding the many layers of an Archetype and its significance in our lives is a means towards finding guidance and an adventure too.  Tarot offers this and this can benefit us when walking our path in the world.

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