Dream Keeper

Who is the Dream Keeper?


Of course, you are the recorder of your dream life. 

The one who mines the gems from your night life of sleep.

I record my dreams in the morning by jotting down quick notes using paper and pen and then by working with Dream Archetypes or story lines that show up in each dream or dream fragment.  At some point later on, I’ll transfer these written notes to computer files as I prefer to have an electronic file on hand too.


If I don’t record a dream, it drops into forgetfulness and so I lose those messages from my dream life. 

Sometimes, I cannot record my dreams by writing them down as other responsibilities call upon my time so I must let go of that night’s dream material.  But, as often as I am able to do so, I’ll put pen to paper and write through a dream.

Why Record Your Dreams?

Dreams are the gateway to our psyche.

The ‘stuff’ that runs below the radar of the logical mind. 

They display our personal psychology.  Our feelings.  


  • By becoming a Dream Keeper through writing down the content of our night life, we see how we are, what we’re affected or influenced by and what  issues or possible outcomes we’re trying to work through in our dreams.
  • We see our dream patterns and by doing so remain in contact with a fundamental part of who we are at sleep as well as who the inner person is who dreams with an agenda that is different from but still linked to our waking life sensibilities. 
  • For those who wish to dive deeper, there is also the exploration of lucid dreams, dream yoga and sleep yoga.