Dream Keeper

Why Record Your Dreams?

Dreams are the gateway to our psyche. The ‘stuff’ that runs below the radar of the logical mind.  They display our personal psychology.  Our feelings.  They show us what we are working through beneath the surface of our daily lives.

When Do I Record Dreams?

I record my dreams in the morning by jotting down quick notes. Later on or sometimes immediately, I’ll look for story lines showing up in a dream / dream fragment.  I may eventually transfer these written notes to a computer file too. I do not record every dream.



Dreams drop into forgetfulness when not written down… 

but this happens as we are often called by other responsibilities

and must let go of our night’s dream material.



My approach  is writing through a dream when I can. Sometimes I must wait to do this and sometimes it doesn’t happen  at all.  But I know that should a dream message need to come through, most dreams will repeat themselves even if not exactly in the same way. It means simply allowing yourself to live your life knowing that there will be dreams you will write down on paper.  You could leave a notebook and pen next to your bed for that purpose.



Block 1

You can write out an entire dream if you have the time or take quick notes about its major events so that it sparks the total dream later on down the road when you have the time to write it out fully.

If you only have a dream fragment, simply write this out.  Fragments can collect.  They might re-ignite the dream.  You might daydream about the fragment to see where it goes.

Give your dream or dream fragment a title.


Block 2

As you develop your dream journal and become your own Dream Keeper, you will discover patterns or themes that show up over and over in your dreams. 

These demonstrate some of the influences around you in waking life, past or present.  Perhaps a particular emotional content is present, or the same people show up in dreams repeatedly, or situations evoke certain responses in you.  Maybe your dreams occur in university settings, on subways or farms, foreign countries. 

Notice this as you continue to keep your Dream Journal.

Block 3

As dreams show up in a session, these will be explored within the context of the work we are doing. 

Dreams may be trial runs for something we want to accomplish in our waking life. They may warn us, encourage us, nurture us.  We may find ourselves exploring aspects about ourselves that we have not yet brought into being.  We may be mentored. Instructed. Adventures may come to us or abilities revealed. 

And while I have been referring specifically to Night Dreams, writing in your Dream Journal about all the other forms of dreaming such as Lucid Dreams, Waking Dreams or Hypnagogic States, can be equally as informative and rich with meaning as your night-time dreams. 

We spend many hours  asleep in our beds experiencing another way of being that is beyond the reach of the logical mind yet there is life experience to harvest from our dream life. Our Dream Journey offers us another way of exploring who we are and what our experiences have been, what we envision for ourselves as well as how to explore another way of walking through our waking life as a result of knowing what we dream.  Dream journaling is a treasure chest of possiblity. 

Should you want to work with me by beginning with your Night Dreams

or if you’d like to book a session that includes your dreams along with other interests or issues,

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