Golden Summer Sun

I offer a cornucopia of therapies all originating with the studies I’ve undertaken,

but most importantly & especially,

from the knowledge I’ve gained from the many clients I have worked with over the years.

There are many approaches to hands-on ‘energy work’. 

All have value.  I have worked with several and offer what is most appropriate for each person because each individual has a unique experience and understanding of themselves and their circumstances in the world.

There is a dynamic interaction that happens between the person having the treatment, the person providing the treatment and the energy consciousness that streams into the work nudging change and supporting transformation.  

Please go to Energy Work – A Light Approach for more information.

The Tarot is not unlike a map.

It has a starting point, a pathway and a destination; therefore, in its way it offers a possible or probable goal. The cards evoke internal responses from us. They may arouse emotion or memory. They suggest relationship with others; our partner, our families, our home, our work and certainly with ourselves.  The cards and how they are read can indicate steps a person might take or situations of which to be aware both externally and within oneself.  Essentially, Tarot is a guidance tool or a starting point to help you see where you are, what has influenced you in the past as well as where you might be headed. 

Please go to  ‘The Tarot’ for more information.

This work has at its core, mindfulness practise.

This is essentially the gradual development of an ability to pay attention to that which lives within us and drives us.  Whether it’s body sensation, intrusive thoughts, belief structures, emotions or more, all are grist for the mill.  We come to know our inner workings and how these influence us for better or for worse.  We learn acceptance of ‘what is’, but also how not be continuously run by all that bothers us.  Instead, we develop the capacity to step back from our reactions and dynamically process what is emerging  from us without acting it out in the world.  The practice expands awareness and fosters inner balance. We begin to heal.

Please go to ‘Emotional Clearing’  for more information.

Reiki was the first energywork practise I learned. 

The Reiki classes were inspiring as these began opening the doors of perception within myself in a more complete way.  Subsequently, this  method allowed my senses to expand even as I assisted a client to reach their own state of inner balance.  

I marveled at the intuitive information that poured through while also watching the shifting  within my client during this process work.  Reiki treatments sooth and bring balance. Reiki taught me about personal possibilities and limitations. It is a wonderful energy and consciousness path filled with compassion.

Please go to ‘Reiki Energy’ for more information.

There exist several people I would call Dream Mentors.

These individuals can help you with understanding the nature of dreams and dream recall.  I include it here because during session work with me, dream memory may arise.  When this happens, I know that there is a relationship with the person, the dream and the issue which is influencing them.

I’ve assembled different methods for accessing that inner voice and image-maker…the Dreamer.  Several topics that will support you when working with dream content are  Night Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Hypnagogic States, Waking Dreams and Dream Journaling (the DreamKeeper).

Please go to DreamWork for more information.

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