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Energy Healing          Reiki          Emotional Clearing         Dream Work         Past Life Regression          Matrix Energetics          Coaching

 In this Self-Healing Journey, we will create an integrated path

That aligns with who you are by embracing and exploring 

Intuition, Dreams, Past Life Regression, Emotional Clearing, Energy Healing and more.

We will look at that which arises from within you and rocks your world emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. We engage with those feelings and topics you are both delighted by or confounded with as we dive into the synergy created through our interaction with each other in this vital dialogue.

Finally, and most importantly, we move within the upsurging of life-force emerging from within you as it unfolds and informs your world within the context of your daily life.

I work ‘globally’ with people located around the world as well as with ‘in-person’ clients located in Vancouver, BC and on Vancouver Island.

I offer a form of Energy Healing called Brennan Healing Science. It is an evocative modality that directly and positively affects our human energy consciousness system – the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual levels of our human experience.  It is a masterful platform of integrative healing possibilities.  [Read more here]

We may easily recognize those ‘re-active’ parts of ourselves that seem to spontaneously and often chaotically emerge when we are living through stressful circumstances.

These inner personas ‘slip out’ and influence our lives, often toppling our sense of equilibrium [Read more here}

The Art of Dreaming…[more to come]

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