I am the Elder now

but I remember all the days of my life as a consciousness flow

running through travels that took me through

work, love, parenthood, longing and freedom.

The latter came with age and much stumbling around when finally the recognition that life, itself, is always good finally shone through all the mutterings, wonderings and the tryings of my particular journey.

The understanding that life shines with a brilliant and self-effulgent light and that that thread of consciousness, that light called life runs through me always, despite my own ignorance and the sometimes shocking events in my immediate surroundings, in the world outside my door and further afield into the great beyond.


I could tell you about all the things that interest me and that I practice even now but more immediate to my heart is the hum, the vibration of life itself.  For years I had missed the point that inner joy and expansive consciousness are our immediate birthright and accessible in each moment for every person on this planet.


We are meant to be beings of compassion, love and light.

In recent years, I’ve been exploring Buddhism and have taken to heart the Eight-fold Path which is essentially a Map describing how to live ethically and consciously while asking the question: “What will I do with this life I have been given?” Many of us could benefit from a course in ethics, which for me,  shows up in much of what Buddhism teaches. Many of us perhaps could ask: ‘Why am I here?’ 

I have been engaged in understanding and exploring an inner life and the path of meditation for 50 years and I have certainly done and experienced much that a typical human being might be and do in that same span of time. The journey is delicious, if at times disconcerting and even disturbing and disheartening, but all of it has taken me closer to discovering my own true inner nature. It has been worth the sometimes arduous trek – much of it interspersed with periods of brilliance, peace, contentment and the connection to ‘all that is’.

I am Nada Rose and I love being helper, guide and witness for those who are undergoing the profound changes and transformations arising from deep within the psyche.

Always drawn to what has been considered esoteric in our culture, I have extensively studied topics and teachings in those realms and have maintained an inner meditation practice for over thirty years. 

I’m a graduate of the 4-year intensive Integrative Energy Healing program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  I’ve also completed studies as a Matrix Energetics, Emotional Clearing and Past-life Regressions Practitioner.

I am an artist focusing within the medium of watercolour and acrylic painting. Having loved drawing and using colour from a very young age, I’ve pursued this interest over many years…sometimes with bursts of intense activity that was followed by or intertwined with months or even years of interruption while my attention turned to the healing arts. I’ve always returned to creating images. I hold a BFA degree.