I’m an Elder and I remember all the days of my life as a consciousness flow…

running through travels that took me through work, love, parenthood,

longing, freedom and more.



The latter came with age and a lot of stumbling around when finally the recognition arose from deep within myself that life, itself, is always good despite what outer circumstances might otherwise suggest – this understanding finally emerging through all the mutterings, wonderings and the tryings.  Life shines with a brilliant and self-effulgent light and that that thread of consciousness, that light called life runs through me always even in the face of my own ignorance and the sometimes shocking events in my immediate surroundings or in the world outside my door and further afield into the great beyond.

I could tell you about all the things that interest me and that I practice even now but more immediate to my heart is the hum, the vibration of life itself and the knowledge that all the thrashing about I have periodically done in earlier years and even later, somehow and for a long time had me missing the point that inner joy and expansive consciousness are our immediate birthright and accessible to us all in each moment.  Myself included. You included.

We are meant to be beings of compassion, love and light. It is our true nature. Finding our way to that simple understanding and more importantly, into that experience itself, is another matter entirely as appearances suggest that there is so very much to navigate through in this world first. The Hindus call it ‘maya’. The Buddhists call it ‘samsara’.  It obscures our path and we forget who we are until by chance and/or effort what seemed hidden or unknowable reveals itself.

Although I have a long-held meditation practice, in recent years, I’ve been exploring Buddhism and have taken to heart its Eight-fold Path which is essentially a map describing how to live ethically while asking the question, “what will I do with this life I have been given?”  Many of us do need a course in ethics.  Many of us need to understand the possibility inherent in the question: ‘why am I here?’ which may subsequently find us seeking the path that responds with the answer.

I spend my days with clients, in my garden, studying and integrating all that I’ve learned, explored and experienced into a contempletive and inner life. All life experience is grist for the mill or food for the soul and sometimes both. Life is a wonder. Know that we all hold the possibility for living our lives as conscious loving beings of and from the earth.