Reiki Energy

Reiki is a Japanese word comprising two Japanese kanji – Rei and Ki.

The approximate English translation would be ‘Universal’ and ‘Energy’.

When I first discovered Reiki…

It was through a friend who asked if I might consent to becoming her client as she practiced those skills related to this healing method. I had no knowledge of what this process signified since I had never experienced an energy healing nor did I understand that methods existed that sourced ‘energy’ to affect the human body. I truly had no expectations other than to accommodate my friend, whom I trusted, and her desire to practice this particular work.

It was, however, during this first session that I had an extraordinary experience that transformed how I viewed my life, for as my friend ‘did Reiki’, I became aware of a curious sensation that there were other ‘consciousnesses’ present in that room and that they were making themselves known to me. Once I distinguished the difference between my consciousness and the energetic imprint of those awarenesses separate from mine, I began to ‘see’ these sentient beings and  to experience a ‘download’ of information from them. I was not startled at this emerging experience, I was merely bemused and delighted since the situation was both intriguing and unexpected, yet it was quite comfortable too.

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