Energy Healing Work – A Light Approach

Energy Healing Work – A Light Approach

Affecting us on all levels of Being, this work offers possibility

by bringing balance to us in our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual worlds.

Connecting with an energy source can directly and positively affect our well-being

What it is…

Through this work, the body’s natural healing capability is supported & enhanced. This is a positive outcome.  Because subtle energy flows into the physical & energy bodies, it dynamically affects these systems cultivating a sense of increased life force.   Then, this practise expands a person’s sense of Self.  Personal awareness feels larger. While I am only  addressing the basic changes that may occur, there are many more transformations both subtle or dramatic that show up for each person.

People often describe shifting into a very deeply relaxed place during a session. This can include a vibrant sense of well-being & peacefulness. The effect can continue for several hours, or even several days afterwards.

Block 1

I focus upon each individual as a unique, complex, being of body, mind, emotion and spirit. 

While serving as your advocate and helper in this self-initiated process of healing and transformation, I am your committed listener, your mirror, your partner in this process. We’ll explore areas that influence your state of well-being. This includes health history, life stressors, belief systems, attitudes, family / childhood history,  dreams, visions and longings.  When you share this information,  it is always kept confidential.

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This approach to healing and personal transformation summons a kind of holistic integration. 

My role simply helps to facilitate and assist you in this healing journey and transformation.  As well, it is a complementary modality that supports other wellness programs you are currently undertaking.  Please know that this work is not intended to replace any traditional health care treatment that you may be receiving.  Should you be under a doctor’s care, I would advise and recommend that you continue to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations. Do not stop any medical treatment you are undergoing unless your doctor has specifically advised you to do so.