If you have questions about my Services or wish to schedule a session, please contact me:


Phone:  778-800-9640

Hours:  By Appointment

Sessions:  ‘In-person’ or  by Skype or Phone

Payment:   See Options Below

Once a session is arranged, you will receive an email  

confirming the date & time we are scheduled to meet.


Please note that Long-Distance’ Skype session fees are due once a booking is confirmed. Payment for Long-Distance Sessions can be made as either an Email Bank Transfer to or alternately through using the PAYPAL options shown below. These are the Services I offer:  Integrative Energy Healing, Emotional Clearing, Matrix Energetics, and Past Life Regression.

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Should you need to cancel your confirmed appointment, please email or phone me as soon as possible using the contact info shown above. A 24 hour cancelation notice respects both your time and mine. 

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  • Hi Nada,
    I read your testimonial on the Healthy Wave website, and I’m wondering if you are still using it? They don’t put dates with the testimonials, so I thought maybe I could contact you to get more information on your experience.

    We are currently trying out a Bemer, but the cost on that is very high, so I was hoping to hear more from you.

    • Hello Frances,
      Thank you for getting in touch with me.

      I have had the mat for a couple years and do indeed still use it.
      In fact, I use it with my clients as well. Everyone without exception has told me that they look forward to laying down on it.

      It’s a very good product and the company is very good about communicating with their customers as well.
      I have the Amethyst Jade & Tourmaline Far Infrared Mat.

      Is there anything in particular that you’d like to know?
      Nada Rose

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