If you have questions about my Services or wish to schedule a session, please contact me here:


  • During  these global pandemic days , I am offering a special $60 session fee for an hour-long session and  an additional $10 for sessions that are ninety minutes in length ($70).  If you choose to go beyond ninety minutes then the session fee is $80 at this time.


For the foreseeable future , I have switched to ‘distance’ or ‘remote’ sessions only through using ‘Skype to Skype’ or ‘Skype to Cellphone or Landline’ calls.

My hours are by appointment.

You can email me at the above email address to schedule a date/time that’s convenient for you.

Payment Options are Below.

Please be safe out there while taking care of each other too! 

Like all things, these difficult times will pass.

Once a session is arranged, you will receive an email  

confirming the date & time we are scheduled to “meet”.

Payment for Long-Distance Sessions can be made through using the PAYPAL options shown below or as an Email Bank Transfer in Canada to

The Services I offer are:  Integrative Energy Healing, Emotional Clearing, Matrix Energetics, Mentoring and Past Life Regression.

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Should you need to cancel your confirmed appointment, please email or phone me as soon as possible using the contact info shown above. A 24 hour cancelation notice respects both your time and mine. 

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