Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing teaches us to release negative feelings safely.

It offers a feeling integration and balance.

We easily recognize those ‘re-active’ parts of ourselves that spontaneously

and sometimes chaotically emerge when we are living through stressful times.


These inner personas influence our lives by ‘slipping out’ and toppling our sense of equilibrium. We are left baffled about the sudden surge of emotions springing out from within us.

Whether appearing as anger, fear, sadness, and despair or powerlessness, frustration and shame (or any other of the many emotions a human being feels), we are mystified. We feel held hostage by these intense or pervasive emotions.

How can we possibly cope   or come to terms with all that we feel inside when our feelings appear so strong and because we don’t know how to handle them. 

Maybe we perceive our life circumstances as too difficult.  Maybe they are. 

Perhaps, ‘Numbed out’ or ‘frozen’, we see that we no longer know what we feel.

“Feelings are composed of energy, and as this energy continues to build in the subconscious, it starts to act out.  It’s the energy of the feelings that influences us, coloring our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, our health, and eventually attracting negative circumstances.”

– Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan

Inner work, or integrative processing

This practise evokes a profound sense of clearing and change.  As we become aware of a strongly-held feeling; we learn to accept its presence within us. Then we move into directly experiencing the ‘energy’ of that emotion living in our body.  We witness it without judgement and watch as it releases its ‘charge’.  An feeling  of integration and transformation occurs as this cycle is completed.

This work is accomplished in an environment where we are not inflicting our emotion towards another person. We simply hold space being present with a troubling emotion as it unwinds itself within us.  Sometimes we don’t know what we feel; or simply feeling numb to our feelings.  We use this same process to find our feelings and to begin to authentically open to them.

All Those Feelings!

If you are finding yourself actively ‘acting out’ in every direction, Emotional Clearing work holds the promise that you can experience a simple and profound healing and transformation – despite what you may belief.  T

To begin with, a person learns its principles as understanding its basics is important.  Working with a practitioner is recommended initially; however, given some time, many people discover that they are able to do this method with relative ease on their own.   Emotional Clearing enables an individual to work alone, with a practitioner or both.  As the progresses,  we discover that we can be in charge of our own emotional clearing and healing. This is self-empowerment.


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