I Heard the Birds Singing


I heard the birds singing sacred sounds
The notes weaving together the world with morning-song
As I, submerged in bed, lay deeply planning the day
Making lists ‘to do’ linear and square and where in my land
I worried responsibilities, caught and trapped in a concrete net, unyielding and small too.

I heard the birds singing sacred sounds
And I sat in the trees with them
My mouth opening, my lungs throwing forth the song
That lay embedded in my heart for so long now, singing for hours and no time both
Emanating internal riches through all spaces within inside of me
Inexplicably intertwining me into that tapestry of all living things
Emitting joy, life and enigmatic connection with ‘All That Is’.

I heard the birds singing sacred sounds
The trees, grass, flowers, the very air throwing light-song into the world
Rampant, rich lines and particles of light; precious crystalline jewel-like awareness
Weaving together the tapestry of humankind, all creatures, flora, fauna, the elements, all
Magical, complete; the music of the spheres singing the song of creation
As I awoke to hearing the birds sing and left my bed to fly into the trees
Existing there in that land of peace and joy; the life-song of us all…

I heard the birds singing and I joined them finally…

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