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I offer creative classes that are taken in a workshop setting with me; or, as online classes where you would move at your own pace, working through the videos, written instructions and images that are supplied. 

Mandala-Making: A Healing JourneyMandala Hands Small c

Part One: Getting Started with Black & White 
Part Two: Adding Colour & Joining Heaven and Earth

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Doodle / Scribble Drawing ‘On-Line’ Course

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All classes are designed with your comfort in mind…ThosePeople

This means that the classes are for anyone who has a curiosity; an interest in exploring their inner temperature – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual through the Creative Act. You do not need  drawing skills or a sense of design or knowledge about colour theory.

These classes are not based upon how well you might draw or upon any previous art experience you may or may not have had. These classes are about exploration and discovery. There is no critique, no judgement. There is simply an engagement with art that embraces learning and enjoyment.

Responses you may feel while image-making, can be both wonderful and uncomfortable.  These feelings result from the beliefs and old experiences evoked from within you as you begin this creative act…

This is a good thing. As you are guided through simple processes that are truly easy to embrace, will you experience some ‘inner stress’ moments, some judgements about yourself as a creative person? Will that internal critic say to you, “Oh, you’re not an artist and never will be….look at the silly stuff you’re doing!” Quite possibly, yes, but the point in making images in these classes is not necessarily about improving your artistic abilities (although that might happen) or about how others might re-act to your work, but rather, it is about discovering your inner intuitive voice and the enjoyment of that awakening through image-making even if you do walk through some uneasy moments during the process.

The images created by you will be meaningful for you…Dock


The journey opening doors to your inner worlds allowing exploration and transformation through creating these ‘works on paper’. So, using simple tools and understanding simple creative practices becomes an uncovering of your intuitive, creative source that will inform and finally delight you.



The classes are ‘One-on-One’ or held in a Group Workshop setting or will be available on-line.

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