Doodle/Scribble Drawing On-Line Course

When I was 19, I began a spontaneous doodling sShamanDreamsA2pree…  

I doodled in the corners of margins, on the back of envelopes and on fresh pieces of paper.  One day, after completing a larger doodle on its own paper, I stood back to look at the result.  Suddenly an image jumped out at me that I had unknowingly embedded into the jumble of lines I had drawn and decorative areas I had developed.  What showed up were clouds, a sun and woven throughout, an image of a tribal man dressed in beautiful decorative clothing.  All his features were there including his entire body and he danced in the sky among the clouds.  I was startled!  I had not created this consciously, but rather went with the flow of ink and intuition. Sadly, that piece has long gone missing so I’ve added another Shamanic-like image here.


Many years went by and during that time…

I had stopped doodling, however, on its own, doodling appeared in my life once more as I began to draw again into margins, on envelopes and on fresh pieces of paper.  This time, the doodling affected me by allowing me to drop into the intuitive in a more conscious way.  I produced a series of doodle drawings that helped me move through a time of deep change.  It was as though my subconscious mind rose up to greet me by providing these visual doodle stories.Flight3

I began to put together an online course…

So that others might also use doodling to walk through the unwinding of change and evolution in their own lives…..


Doodle/Scribble Online will be available in Spring 2015.

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