Mandala Making – A Personal Healing Journey


I have loved Mandalas forever, it seems…  

I love looking at them.  I love their intricacy & their beauty. Mandalas are, by their very nature calming, as they subtly beckon one into their visual centre evoking a process that moves us towards one-pointedness & away from the clamouring of daily life activities & endless thinking. They are a portal into Stillness & if allowed, will remind us of another way of being present in our lives. When we make our own Mandalas, the outcome is personal.


Mandalas show us our inner climate…

And they inform those who might view our Mandala about who we are and how we are in that particular moment of our creation. Mandalas offer a centre-point of focus as they enable us to bypass the ever-shifting attention of the mind that typically ‘drives’ us in many directions at once.

Generating one’s own mandala evokes personal transformation by drawing a person’s awareness into the depths of creativity and intuition. We are often surprised by what comes forward from the deep wells of insight. Often, it is a delightful and informing surprise that leads us to further develop a series of Mandalas or to move forward into other avenues of inspiration and innovation. This is magic at work.


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