Why I Do Emotional Clearing

Out to Sea

What is Emotional Clearing?

It is a sublime method for unwinding the complicated emotional or feeling patterns that we carry within our psyche. These might be viewed as huge, overflowing suitcases that are trundling along behind us that overtake our equanimity with a sudden burst of momentum by careening through our sense of self and sometimes barreling into other, sometimes, innocent by-standers in the most inopportune situations.  You know what I mean.


What am I noticing about me?

Discerning that we occasionally run off-kilter and inflict what we’re feeling on another person who then reacts according to their own particular emotional content is a convincing clue that something is awry when he/she acts out too, through anger or sarcasm, by withdrawing emotionally or by simply disappearing. However, when we come to understand or ‘get’ and ‘see’ that how we behave in our exchanges with others when we are forcing into another’s awareness our rages, our pride or arrogance, our hurt feelings or other woundings, may actually point to our own dis-ease, subsequently initiates the possibility for a fresh and nobler journey to commence.  We have seen our stuck inner places and arrive at a place where emotional clearing can truly be evoked and embraced. Moreover, included in this deep emotional well of archived feeling exists how we treat ourselves too, because how we treat others is a symptom of how we are within ourselves. Consider those self-negating thoughts operating in the background of our days that occasionally run rampant through our mind and body creating a cycle of sadness, depression or low self-worth.  Know that all of this contentious material when engaged within a healing space (either on our own or with a practitioner) eventually transforms into nourishment for the self and into peace for and with others.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

What to do?

The awareness that something is amiss begins the journey into emotional clearing for without that understanding, progress towards healing those difficult deep places within us would likely falter.  Emotional Clearing practices, when implemented each day (or as frequently or infrequently as a person desires), activates a process that works with all those inner characters and behaviours that emerge so spectacularly and intrusively when we are in crisis whether large or small.  In the practice, itself, those difficulties that beset us are acknowledged, observed/witnessed and allowed to come into their fullest bloom; BUT, within the context of a safe and sacred environment where one doesn’t ‘act out’ but rather allows the sensations of those intense emotional (energy) pathways to unwind, reconfigure and release their suppressed content in a self-healing manner so that no one is hurt and so that we do not become re-enmeshed in their wily ways.  Generally speaking, strong emotions often carry a backlog of other times and places where intense experiences have not been reconciled so that healing might follow. Doing this work steps into all those nooks and crannies where old emotional baggage resides so that the housekeeping needed, does indeed, proceed.




Respect all emotions and feelings; even body sensation, for they are but the messengers coming from the deep within. These are meant to be acknowledged so that we might hear their song, even if it’s a discordant refrain. Ultimately, even those inner missives can be healed through channels such as Emotional Clearing practices that actually do transform and heal our wounds.

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