Spiritual Emergency: The Call to Awaken

It often evokes ordeal – an awakening of such extraordinary proportions that the person undergoing it feels engulfed in an encounter both foreign to their previous nature yet fascinating too.  It informs the individual that true consciousness is far greater than the singular ‘I’ of personality and that the experience once integrated, is beautiful and sublime. Although that new land resides within oneself, its appearance shatters the known world and all that that one has believed to be true.  The self we call ‘I’ is rocked to the core.


This is Kundalini…

It is known as an indwelling spiritual energy existing within all human beings. When aroused, it purifies one to a state of awakened consciousness which is non-dual and infinite.  It is the advent of the mystical state that declares ‘I am’ as it becomes known and experienced.  

The evolution of kundalini’s path moves in ever-increasing depth as it circles and expands from within, gradually creating integration within a person through time although, initially, the original event often creates deep crisis within the ego. A person may labour intensively to conceal the struggle to function normally within consensual reality despite the in-pouring of spiritual content especially in those early months and years. It’s possible to be swept away within a millisecond by those powerful inner waves of energy and knowledge literally surging through one’s body, mind and emotions and that are triggered by anything remotely esoteric, a simple focused thought or for no apparent reason at all.


Buddha City


For myself and during this very fragile time…

I practiced keeping my attention fixed upon the mundane by reading newspapers, washing the dishes, chatting with folks and doing those activities that would not evoke an experience of the infinite within me.  I pushed back and ignored its constant pressure by persistently anchoring myself in the performance of simple tasks, although that practice was akin to the story of the Dutch boy thrusting his finger into a hole in the dike to stem the flow of the water threatening to burst through its walls.  My sense of personal identity continuously remained a breath away from being overwhelmed by these powerful inner forces and often I would be inundated with archetypal wisdom, esoteric knowledge, visions, understandings and an expansion of consciousness that exploded into the eternal.  I was twenty-one.


Because no one existed within my small world to educate or instruct me in this unfolding…

The path filled with many difficulties in the beginning particularly in the first eighteen to twenty-four months or so.  What was so difficult to comprehend was why this experience had chosen me when prior to its appearance, I had not an inkling that something such as this was even possible.  It had never entered my mind.  This meant then, that my personal ignorance about the topic was complete and I had no reference points for such an awakening; did not know it was possible; did not have a name for it; knew no one who had had a similar experience; and did not know the duration of its movement or whether it might eventually decrease in intensity or finally do me in. 

I was both ecstatic in this flood of consciousness expansion and profound love for humanity washing through me almost continuously, but I was deeply distraught over the fragility of my personal sense of self…the identity I had always been and now was not.  Who or what had I become?  Where would I find the answers?  The interesting thing is, is that the answers do eventually reveal themselves within the experience of kundalini itself.


Buddha On Right


It is because I was affected by such difficulty at the onset of this awakening journey…

And understand that there have been and will be others with a similar story that I write this article.  In my practice as an energy healer, a client, a young woman of twenty-five or so arrived for her session with me.  She had spontaneously ‘awakened’ and was awash with fright since she was unable to stem the tide of energy rushing through her.  She needed assistance desperately. We talked together about her understanding of the experience as well as about her medical history in which I recommended she visit her allopathic physician to eliminate or put at ease any worry for her about a potential dis-ease process.

The hands-on session commenced after which, she felt clear and at ease.  We booked a follow-up session for the next week which she subsequently canceled the day before the booking. Concerned, I contacted her because I understood the strain and complexity associated with a full-blown awakening.  What had transpired for her when these experiences returned a few days after our work together, was that she had approached her boyfriend and family for help.  Her family, convinced there was something seriously wrong, brought her to a psychiatrist who recommended medication to suppress her symptoms.

The question is, was her experience psychosis or kundalini awakening or something else? Of course, it would need exploration to determine which was happening for her, but the issue here is that she really didn’t have an opportunity to completely investigate the possibility that this might be a spiritual awakening that would consequently affect her choice of ‘treatment’. 

It is understandable that a person engulfed by these internal movements in awareness may only want to return to ‘normal’and to forget the opening into this other realm, because the content is profoundly overwhelming to the psyche and, generally speaking, our society does not have the protocols and supports in place to deal with these transformations appropriately anyway.

 Buddha Group

We all long for that sublime cascade that takes us into expanded consciousness. 

It is, though, important to understand that with it comes purification which may include a barrage of symptoms that are difficult to hold, to understand and to feel.  When it occurs that way, it is called spiritual emergency, however when the same process occurs within the context of being supported by others as well as understood as an evolution in consciousness and a process to be welcomed, it becomes Spiritual Emergence, a far more healing journey to walk.

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