What Is Healing?

Wild IrisesWe often want that magic pill to alleviate our pain whether it’s spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.  But, the journey and the joy really does reside in the unwinding of the inner brew we’ve created.  I see this in my practice where, with hopeful sighs, some clients wait for me to ‘make them better’.  And, as sweet and trusting as this is, the ‘better’ happens when the person meets me with the understanding that they are, most of all, fully participating in their healing journey.  It can really be no other way.

If, through energy healing, a client’s suffering is alleviated, the potential for that issue to return is possible if a person has not begun to understand and work with the underpinnings of his or her discontent.  And so, offering avenues that open explorations into the self becomes a significant partner when embarking upon integrative energy healing.  All levels of being, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, are involved in our healing just as who we are on those levels often reflects some of the conditions we find ourselves experiencing in our daily lives.  We are immersed in the world of duality, believing in opposites i.e. good/bad, right/wrong, love/hate, crisis/opportunity – we see no other possibility.  Polarity becomes the vehicle upon which we ride.

But there is another way of being that bypasses all our inner mutterings and ramblings, our desires and needs, complaints, illnesses of mind, body, spirit; even our intellectual attempts to ‘do good’.  There is another way, that rests profoundly in our core, and when activated, dissolves all other structured attempts towards ‘being good’, or ‘nice’ or ‘upstanding’.  These are, of course, the qualities we try to embody; however, what I am referring to here, is that once that inner knowing, that inner consciousness is truly activated…all other ‘doings’ naturally fall into their relative value as that innate Awakening unfolds from within; infusing each of us with an awareness that is both singular and multidimensional together.

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