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Do you wonder about Past Lives, Reincarnation or Time-Traveling into Parallel Realities or Future Possibilities?

Do you sense that knowing something about your deep past might reveal more about life situations occurring in the present? Or that traveling to another time might reveal more about talents you haven’t yet developed, but know are present within you waiting to be evoked?


Past Life Regression will allow you to re-visit the past…

To perceive the places, people and issues that occurred in another time so that you might re-frame these with a clearer point of reference and so bring healing and support into your current life experience. This is a creative act. It carries the potential to profoundly shift one’s sense of possibility and one’s experience of the present.

Map and Compass

In Parallel Lives or Future Lives…

You have the ability to explore what you have become in another parallel reality and could apply to your here-and-now present; or, in the case of future lives to discover a self that has already walked your path and that can offer valuable clues and messages about how you might proceed in your current life.

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As your Guide in this great adventure…

I can offer guidance and clarification as you travel this path into discovering and recovering insight, awareness, and healing. Whether this is metaphor or reality, it remains a narration that embraces knowledge, experience and transformation…. and it is, quite frankly, an enlightening experience.


“It (Past-Life Regression) feels as if you are remembering, guiding and healing yourself in a way you do not have to explain or prove. It simply happens. It flows. When you feel better as a result of your recall experience, whether a physical symptom has been alleviated, an emotional issue soothed or you simply feel more confident and peaceful about your life and its direction – all very common results of past life therapy – you don’t need to question the logical validity of the experience you have had. You know it has empowered you to improve the quality of your own life or to receive insight about yourself and others in a very tangible way.”

– Brian L. Weiss, M.D. (from ‘Through Time into Healing’)

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