Hypnagogic State

Hypnagogic State

The In-Between Time

Falling asleep is akin to entering a land where we loosen our connection to our waking and logical mind.

But before we sleep, we move into that place between wakefulness and sleep called the Hypnagogic state.

In this borderland, a person remains at least partially aware of the dreamlike visions and feelings that flow through them before actually entering into a deeper sleep.

For those without sleep disorders, hynagogia can act as a portal to the subconscious; a kind of threshold where we come into contact with our intuition and where solutions to problems or events can appear.

We are not quite asleep in this stage, yet a conglomeration of images, sounds, sensations and emotions may sweep through us.  If we can remain somewhat alert to these, then interesting and sometimes fascinating outcomes can show up.  It is said that Einstein, Thomas Edison, Beethoven, Richard Wagner and others, all found this ‘in-between’ state a creative platform allowing them to bring new concepts and inventions into the world.


How to Remember Hypnagogic Experiences

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