16 December 2016


Dear All….

It’s been snowing, snowing, snowing, but I’m taking the chill away by enjoying a cup of hot tea as I write this update to you.  So let’s catch-up. I don’t often send out newsletters, but there are so many good things happening these days which I want to pass along to you that today felt like the perfect opportunity to do this.

First, I’m posting info about interesting items that I really, really like and that work for me.  Maybe they’ll work for you, too and just so you know, I liked these products so much that I became an affiliate for them over these past few months. Consider checking them out as gifts for yourself or for another person.
As the end of the year is/was fast-approaching and as I looked at ordering a new day-timer/calendar, I discovered one that is pure genius. It’s called The Desire Map Planner – Daily Edition 2017″, a perfect little treasure created by Danielle Laporte. It “… incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day”.  Perfect!

A great companion to the calendar is “The Desire Map” book.  While both the calendar and book easily stand on their own, together they are a powerful duo. Neither are about ‘accumulating more stuff’… rather they are about “Creating Goals with Soul”  – Danielle’s words, not mine. It’s more about how do you want to feel as you go about your day? A good question that she covers oh so beautifully with a contemporary focus that makes perfect sense in this 21st century. Click on the product link here or the image for more information.



Then there’s Stan Grof’s online course called “Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut” which begins this Tuesday, December 13th.  It is a 6-month audio and video intensive which allows a person to understand how to access the power of non-ordinary states and shamanic practices. Stan is one of the earliest and most accomplished pioneers of these realms and I have been reading his material for years. Click here for more information.


And finally….as you know, I am always available for session work whether it’s Energy Healing, Past Life Regression or any of the other modalities I offer; however, in this newsletter, I wanted to pass along information about the Healing Mats  (Healthy Line Mat with PEMF), a marvel of Semi-precious Stones, Far-Infared, Laser Light, PEMF, and more.

These mats are extraordinary! I call them a “Healing Technology” (well, I call them Magic Mats, too) because there is the sense of restoration, integration and a kind of resetting of the body, mind, emotions and spirit that occurs as a person uses one.  As a practitioner, I do witness this occurring with my clients as they lay on the gem mat prior to my table work with them. It is clear to me that, by doing so, each person sinks into a place of profound stillness within minutes and that this supports my work with them too, by allowing the person’s healing and process to be even deeper. There is so much more to say about these mats, but please click “Here for further information. I’m including two testimonials in the right-hand column from people who have used the mat (although they did not have energy healing at the same time).

Broken Back
“I crushed 2 vertebra  in my lower back from a serious fall over 2 years ago so I suffered from a  low level chronic pain  all  the time, but would get  a lot worse if I tried to do anything like vacuuming or bending over.  Since using my Healthyline Mat PEMF, I have no back pain at all although it will flare up if I attempt to do too much heavy lifting.  As long as lay on the mat for 20 minutes/ day, I feel great. When I skip 3-4 days in row, I can start to feel the old pain creeping back in which is a good reminder to get back  on the  mat.” – Susan  B

“I could feel the warmth from the infrared and I was lying for about 30 minutes when I felt a tug around my heart area and all this love starting coming out in that area across my chest.  I  could almost see the rays coming up through my body in 3 to 8 inches.  I was so relaxed afterwards, and I never had an ache, pain or stiffness anywhere.  The next day I went on it and after about  ten minutes I just felt my system elevate – neat. I’m looking forward to getting this mat, as it will help my life a lot.  I think it would be great for people who meditate as well as for healing. Thanks a lot!” – Coro S.


I’ve been learning graphic design skills over the past couple weeks and it has been a delight! My new shop sign design was simple – the imagery needed to captivate my interest (and, hopefully, others too) in a way where I or anyone else might be stirred into dreaming new dreams or into exploring unknown talents or gifts. This project was such a good experience that I am working on an update for my website and its graphics next.


Before the graphic design effort, I’d spent several weeks painting in my art studio in preparation for a show which, I am happy to say, was finally hung in a busy, public space (49th Parallel Ladysmith) for the holidays. It was both a creative and an intense time, reminding me again about how taking a personal vision or project into the world generates incredible personal growth; and that showing up with all of who you are, has an interesting way of generating new possibilities that might not have appeared otherwise.




As the days progress into the New Year, I wish you extraordinary festivities and tremendous well-being throughout these Holidays and beyond!

In Love and Peace…
Nada Rose