Young Living Essential Oils



About ten years ago, someone gifted a small package of Young Living Essential Oils to me.  I developed favourites from this little kit and enjoyed them until the bottles were empty. I then tossed out the empties before figuring out how to purchase more.

Gosh! I lamented my lack of foresight. 


But fast forward many years later and much to my delight, I rediscovered the source of these delightful oils as a lovely young woman introduced me to them once more.



I immediately recognized the packaging and knowing that I already loved these oils, jumped at the chance to obtain my favourites while adding new ones to explore.

I offer that same possibility to you too!

Read on…


Purchasing these oils is simple.

You can be a Member or a Retail Customer. As a Member, your purchases are at wholesale prices.  As a retail customer, you do pay full price but can become a member should you choose to do so.


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I’ve included a link to the Product Catalogue so that you can truly see the extensive list of essential oils and oil blends available.


Some of my Favourites:

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