Reiki is a Japanese word comprising two Japanese kanji – Rei and Ki. The approximate English translation would be ‘Universal’ and ‘Energy’.  

The word Reiki could be interpreted as either “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Ray of Life”.

This ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ flows through the practitioner to the client creating feelings of deep relaxation and peace in the person who is receiving this form of energy.

The energy replenishes vitality and inner balance…

And, its gentle nature supports well-being across all aspects of who we are – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

It allows us to maintain an inner homeostasis or harmony, inviting and supporting our inherent and inborn natural healer in its mission to sustain our health, and therefore our lives, in the best way possible.

When I first discovered Reiki…

It was through a friend who asked if I might consent to becoming her client as she practiced the skills associated with this healing method. I had no knowledge of what this process entailed since I had never experienced an energy healing nor did I understand that methods existed that sourced ‘energy’ to affect the human body. I truly had no expectations other than to accommodate my friend, whom I trusted, and her desire to practice this particular work.

It was, however, during this first session that I had an extraordinary experience that transformed how I viewed my life, for as my friend ‘did Reiki’, I became aware of a curious sensation that there were other ‘consciousnesses’ present in that room and that they were making themselves known to me. Once I distinguished the difference between my consciousness and the energetic imprint of those awarenesses separate from mine, I began to ‘see’ these sentient beings and, I began to experience a ‘download’ of information from them. I was not startled at this emerging experience, I was merely bemused since the situation was both intriguing and unexpected, yet quite comfortable too. 

I understood that these ‘sentient beings’…

Had surrounded and protected me at all times during my childhood. Referring to themselves as ‘the brethren’, I had had no conscious memory of them until they presented themselves to me during this session and then I experienced an immediate recall. Astounding. Had anyone suggested to me that there were ‘guides’, my disbelief would have been self-evident/ Nevertheless, I cold not easily dismiss my experience since it carried such clarity and filled me with such a sense of well-being. However, it would be a number of y ears before the exact nature of the encounter became comprehensible to me and until I could integrate it with other experiential events that unfolded in my life.

This session opened doors within me that I hadn’t known existed for they had firmly closed by the time I reached the age where I was inducted into the classic school system of the time. I needed to ‘fit in’ and so I did. In hindsight though I recognized that a path was reasserting itself into my life during this Reiki session, and I would gradually learn its language and the familiarity of the amazing journey it took me upon.

 I am grateful to my friend because through her, 

an inner doorway opened for me once again.

Mikao Usui Sensei is the Founder of Reiki and was born in 1865, near Kyoto, Japan.

  • As a business man, he was also very spiritual and earnestly undertook daily religious and meditation exercises.

  • In 1921, his practices led to experiences of profound Satori which created insights that developed into a system of energy transference that became known as Reiki.

  • These teachings have been transferred to many, many individuals throughout the world.