Past Life Regression

 Exploring past lives can be healing, instructional and uplifting

Because visiting these other ‘selves’ may not only expand our understanding about who we are in the present

But may also transform our assumptions about consciousness and the consensual reality within which we typically abide.

Block 1

It’s true that some past lives hold much drama…

And we might ask, ‘why would I want to revisit something so painful?’  It is known, however, that residual memory from another time, may be affecting us in our current lives as that entangled cellular memory re-enacts the energetic blueprint from that other time and place.  Consider the person who cannot bear heights or who is fearful of water or who cannot speak before an audience, or who might have an emotional fear for which they have no known memory of how it began to take hold of them.

These issues have the potential to transform as we observe and sense into a lifetime that has been buried deep within the psyche.   These other times come bearing gifts.  By entering into a very difficult lifetime in a ‘Hindsight’ session, the experience re-frames itself as the residual mental/emotional material becomes transformed through observing that other Self and feeling the complexity of the emotions held within that Self as well as by the people who participated in that particular situation.  In this work, release and integration occur.

Block 2

 Perhaps we discover that a behaviour or belief we carried in that lifetime…

Was destructive to ourselves and another, however, as we explore the landscape of that past life, we begin to see the whys and hows of the driving force that carried us then.  We can see our mis-perceptions because we are viewing this now from another perspective; and, best of all, we unearth that immense compassion within us that flows for the being that we once were in that other time and place.  Or, maybe we were victimized by another in that time long ago. Even so, this too, can be explored, contemplated, understood and integrated. We can release old pain and wounding because we see from the perceptual, almost visionary stance that is one of the hallmarks of this work.  We understand, we forgive, we ‘know’, we heal…and in doing so we discover our inner healer.


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